Resiliance Domains
Environmental & Ecological Factors Vulnerability of Population Critical Infrastructure Economic Factors Scaling Infrastructure Political & Regulatory Financial Factors

Environmental & Ecological Factors

Environmental & Ecological Factors: Adverse climate events like fires or floods that will likely impact the Business and the communities in which it operates (“the Community”)


Vulnerability of Population

Vulnerability of Population: The vulnerability of the operating environment as a function of the local population’s participation in local GDP


Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure: The impact of climate on Infrastructure that supports water, energy, transportation and communication systems

Economic Factors

Economic Factors: Social & demographic factors as they intersect with economic factors within the Business and the Community

Scaling Infrastructure

Scaling Infrastructure: Factors that support the economic, health, social, environmental, and cultural standards of an area (immediate operating environment of the Business

Political & Regulatory

Political & Regulatory: Measure and rank governance capacity and stability factors as they potentially impact the Business and the Community

Financial Factors

Financial Factors: The ability to withstand climate related events that impact income or assets.