Building a more resilient world

Green Jobs Machine is a global climate tech company that makes people, communities, governments and businesses stronger in tough environments

What is Green Jobs Machine

GJM is a climate tech company that is powered by ResilienceAI™ and an innovative suite of tools and services to define, measure, rank and drive climate change resilience.

Green Jobs Machine is powered by ResilienceAI™.  Blending Predictive Analytics, AI, Deep Machine Learning, and Behavior Technology to make People, Communities, Governments, and companies stronger and more resilient. 

“Resilient people build resilient communities, businesses and governments” Sharron McPherson

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Enjoy a powerful panel discussion, led by Will Thompson (CSO Forbes Ignite) and includes Bill Valdez (Presidential nominee Under-Secretary for Management, Dept of Homeland Security), Emmanuel Lagarrigue (Managing Partner, BeyondNetZero and former Chief Innovation Officer Schneider Electric), where we discuss Frontline Communities and Sustainable Transformation and how to invest in real development that makes a difference where it is needed most.

Resilient people build resilient communities, businesses and governments